Autumn 2017, The Greek Islands I

Pay It Forward

From Athens to Fira (Santorini)

The Beach

From Fira to ExoGialos (Santorini)

The Reaper

From Santorini to Amorgos v.v.

Master Tempo

From ExoGialos to Fira (Santorini) v.v.

Bonus I

Bonus II

Summer 2017, to Athens II

Taking it Lightly

From Amsterdam to Salzburg (twice)

The Chill Zone

From Salzburg to Split

Change of Plans

From Split to Sarandë

Crowd Support

From Sarandë to Athens

Bonus I: Albanian Friends

Bonus 2: Loss of a Backpack

Winter 2016/2017 Hitchhiking to Athens

Surrender to Pleasure

From Maastricht to Zürich

Jazz and Snow

From Zürich to Salzburg

Food Waste

From Salzburg to Ljubljana

Someone to Lean On

From Ljubljana to Zadar

Carnival in Split

From Zadar to Split

Beautiful People

From Split to Dubrovnik

Latin Moods in Montenegro

From Dubrovnik to Bar

From Dubrovnik (Croatia) to Bar (Montenegro)

For the Love of Football

From Bar (Montenegro) to Elbasan (Albania)

Leading the Gypsy Life

From Elbasan (Albania) to Athens (Greece)