About Hendrick Holthuis

My name is Hendrick Holthuis, I lead a nomadic life since autumn of 2016.

Being an independent documentary film maker, I reduced my business to one leather bag with a laptop, hard drives, camera equipment and a smartphone. 

I shrunk my personal belongings to a tent, a sleeping bag and necessary clothes and shoes, fitting in a backpack and one travel bag.

Starting with no money, I took on the challenge to live as a digital nomad and earn money based on online business ideas, including my own concept for a European media network.

How I started

I lived in Amsterdam for 25 years, the last 1,5 year in a mobile home on the edge of the city. I decided to travel all European countries, starting the autumn of 2016.  

After a try-out period of hitchhiking and camping in the Netherlands, I left the country on the 15th of December 2016.


I hitchhiked from Amsterdam to Athens twice, in the winter of 2016 and the summer of 2017.

I lived and worked in:

Maastricht (The Netherlands)

Aachen (Germany)

Zurich (Switserland)

Salzburg (Austria)

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Porto Montenegro, Bar (Montenegro)

Elbasan, Vlore, Sarande (Albania)

Ioannina, Athens (Greece)

Autumn 2017 I started a new stage of my European journey, taking me from Athens over the Greek islands to one of the eastern gates of Europe: Istanbul.

Traveled so far: 10,000 kilometers


Hendrick Holthuis

For correspondence only: Prinsengracht 861, Amsterdam, 1017 KC, THE NETHERLANDS

+ 31 6 26 94 15 59